Autumn Term 1 – Falcon Class

The Year 4 children have had a wonderful term learning about the Classification of animals and plants.

They also enjoyed finding and sketching different plants that we found in our school environment.


The children attended a Football Festival at KJAR recently where they got to practise their football skills. The weather was kind to us, and the morning was thoroughly enjoyed by them all.

The children have been doing High Fives in PE with Mrs Parcell and enjoyed some mini games in this week’s lesson.

Autumn Term – Eagle Class

We are learning about the rainforest and used the artist Henri Rousseau as inspiration for a multi-layered piece of art. See if you can spot the hidden animals!

In science we have learned about classifying plants and animals. We found different examples of the groups of plants and sketched them.
At the beginning of the year, all of the classes in school spend time discussing and agreeing on their class rules for the year ahead. Here are Eagle’s, alongside some illustrated examples.

Goodbye and Good Luck Year 4

The Year 4 children were very lucky to attend the Schoolympics, run by the School Sports Partnership, at KJAR Senior Site recently. They were offered a variety of sports to do for the morning. Ranging from bowls to tag rugby. Each school was given a common wealth country. We were Singapore and Nigeria for the day. Quite a few of our children were recognised for their talents and received a medal, water bottle or Schoolympic Value sticker.

We recently had international day. KS2 children learnt about India.

They got to go to all the KS2 teachers for a lesson in the morning and in the afternoon they did some African drumming.
It was wonderful and the children were brilliant.

Party day was a great deal of fun.
The children enjoyed Kapla Club in the morning and built the most amazing structures.
They were very proud of themselves.
They then got to play with their own games or do arts and crafts in the afternoon. They enjoyed some treats in the afternoon.

The children performed ‘Goodbye My Friend’ as their Year 4 Leaver’s production.
They did really well and some parents shed a tear at the end of the show, which is just what they wanted their parents to do! Cry with pride!

Finally it is Good Bye from us. You have all been brilliant!

Summer term 1

This term the children have enjoyed many events such as a Football festival at the Royston Football Club and a Rapid Fire Cricket Festival at the Leisure Centre one afternoon.

They also took part in a Knex Challenge where they had to design a bridge that could open and close to allow a boat to pass. Ben and Kai were Falcon winners!

Golden time is still a highlight of their week.

We had our own Mini Ancient Greek Olympics where the children got to take part in 4 events from Ancient times: discus, javelin, running and standing long jump.

The winners all received a wreath and were very proud of themselves.

We have enjoyed our Clay work making Ancient Greek pots and then extended this by learning about Kimiyo Mishima. She is a contemporary Japanese artist and likes to sculpt waste and recycling such as tins and boxes, to look just like the actual product.

Falcon Class did a Sound investigation this week and Eagle will be doing the same one after Half Term. What happens to sound as you move away from the source?

May 2022

For our Ancient Greek topic we have looked at what we can learn about how people lived back then by looking at the pottery that has survived. We then designed our own version, sketching in both pencil and charcoal before shaping using clay and adding our design once dried.
As a contemporary (current) contrast to the Ancient Greek pottery we have studied, we looked at the work of Japanese artist Kimiyo Mishima. The children studied her work, sketched their versions of ‘recyclable products’, shaped these with clay and then painted them.
As part of our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) studies, the children carried out the KNEX challenge. This year’s task was to construct a movable bridge.

Spring Term 2 2022

What a wonderful way to end off the Spring Term in Year 4 with a Viking day.
The children all dressed up as Vikings and enjoyed tasting Mead and Oat Flapjacks.
Thank you for taking the time to sort an outfit for your child to wear on the day.

They have done some brilliant work and writing while learning about the Vikings and their gods.
Before they wrote their play scripts they got to do role play and act them act to the class.

Some children recently got to go to a Netball skills festival run by the Sports Partnership.
Many skills were learnt and great fun was had by all who went.

Year 4 children have been coached on how to be a good Sports Leader.
They made up activities and practised some warm up games to play with the children at break times in the Summer Term.

Grafham Water 2022 – part 1

The children all had an amazing time on this year’s residential trip to Grafham Water.

The air was full of excitement and nervous energy on Wednesday 2nd March.
Parents bravely waved to their children (many holding back the tears) as the coach pulled out of the school gates.
We were off for a three day adventure.
It is truly a privilege to be able to take children to experience things that they have never attempted before.
The awe and wonder on their faces and pure pride, is a joy for us as staff to be a part of.
The children were all fabulously behaved and were a pleasure to have for the 3 days.
On the last day at lunch Mr Taylor and I took a sweeping glance of the dining room and the look of utter contentment on the children’s faces was a special moment.

I hope it was an experience that they will never forget!

Click on image to see larger version.

Spring Blog


Falcon and Eagle classes both had the opportunity to go to the Royston Golf Club to do a mini putting competition.
It was led by Luke Bailey the Royston Golf Club Pro.
He has been taking the children for golf lessons every Thursday afternoon for 10 weeks.
They have improved so much and I hope some of them continue to do lessons in the future as they have real talent.


We were extremely lucky to have Hertfordshire Disability Sports Foundation come in and do some cycling skills and offer their support to any children that could not ride.
The children had the opportunity to swap their bike for a bigger one which they were thrilled about.
A few children got to ride a bike for the first time that day.
What an accomplishment!

Falcon Classwork

We have had a busy half term. We did some measuring and estimating activities on capacity which was great fun.

We learnt about food chains and did a sorting activity in groups. We had to make up some food chains from different habitats.

Then we learnt about the digestive system and had a demonstration where we got to help Mrs Stubbs make poo…This really helped us write an amazing explanation paragraph on how the digestive system works.

December 2021 – Falcon Class

Golf and Tennis

This term, Falcon children have enjoyed Golf and tennis with professional coaches coming in to deliver lessons. They have come on so nicely with their skills. I have seen a fabulous improvement.


We have been learning about States of Matter and the physical changes that they can go through.
The children had fun classifying them into groups and then watching ice change from a solid to a liquid and then to a gas.

We learnt how to read a compass and do some orienteering around our school field, looking for “Reindeer Moss”


Designing and making our Christmas decoration and 2022 Calendar has made Mrs Stubbs realise that she needs an eye test ( all that needle threading)
They all turned out superbly!

Reindeer Visit
The children had a surprise visit from 2 wonderful Reindeers.
They got to feed them, stroke them and have photos taken in Santa’s sleigh.

Christmas performance

As usual the children learnt their lines beautifully and performed so well.
We tried really hard to give you a good show this year.
Thanks to Mrs Atkins  for filming them up for you to watch.

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy, safe 2022.

Hertfordshire remembrance art competition.

Hertfordshire remembrance art competition.

Schools were invited to create some artwork that both recognised the 100 year anniversary of the poppy appeal, but was also suitable for sending to members of the armed services who would be abroad this Christmas.
We went with an artwork/card approach which we hope will bring a smile to the men and women overseas.